What is deep steam carpet cleaning?

Whether you own or rent a home, you want to make sure that the place is clean and sanitary. Even if you clean regularly, some dirt and stains are just not possible to remove with regular cleaning techniques. This typically applies to dirty, soiled carpet that reflects all of the activities that are performed on it daily.

While looking at a dirty carpet is not pleasant, it can also pose a health risk, which often gets overlooked. Unfortunately, vacuuming only removes the dirt at the surface, and can’t get the materials trapped in the layers of the carpet.

While some people spend thousands of dollars to replace their old carpet, a much more affordable alternative solution to clean deep-set and hard-to-remove stains is deep steam carpet cleaning.

If you are located in San Luis Obispo County, there are many Arroyo Grande carpet-cleaning resources available.

What is deep steam carpet cleaning?

There are a multitude of ways to professionally clean your carpet, including the more traditional shampoo cleaning, and the more innovative, deep steam carpet cleaning. Also called hot water extraction, this is the preferred method of carpet cleaning as it avoids the toxic chemicals that typical shampoo treatments involve.

A professional carpet cleaning Arroyo Grande company will send out specifically trained employees with the latest equipment, who will use a boiling water solution under pressure to extract and flush out the dirt into the vacuum’s holding tank. This removes not only dirt, but also dust mites, pet hair, bacteria and germs from the very bottom of the carpet.

Deep steam carpet cleaning is a quick and affordable way to make your carpet clean and looking new again. Having clean carpet in the home is important for indoor air quality and physical wellbeing.

The steam cleaning process

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning works by injecting a solution into the carpet pile, then extracting the dirty solution back into the machine. Since renting or buying standard carpet cleaning gadgets typically don’t do the job as well, hire a professional since they use powerful machines and cleaning solutions.

While waiting for the next visit of a carpet cleaner, consider these stain removal tips:

-Once something is spilled, scrape off access solids with a spoon or knife as soon as possible.
-Blot the stain instead of rubbing using a clean, white, absorbent cloth. It is best to blot from the outside of the stain to the inside.
-Spray the stain with a cleaning agent or mix one teaspoon of dish soap in one quart of warm water and add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar. Let it sit for 10 minutes and blot.
-For fat-based stains (butter, oil, gravy, etc.) use a dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner following the label instructions.
-For wine or juice, spray with club soda or sparkling water and blot. Repeat until the stain is gone.

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